Best Office Products You Can Get In 2023 – Best Budget Office Accessories 

When it comes to setting up a productive workspace, having the best office products and accessories is crucial. However, finding quality items that won’t break the bank can be a challenge. 

There are several budget-friendly options available that offer practical functionality and professional style. 

One of the best options is a desk organizer, which keeps pens, paper clips, and notepads neatly arranged and within easy reach. A comfortable office chair is also essential for long hours at the desk; look for models with adjustable height and backrests for maximum comfort. 

Best Office Products

A sturdy monitor stand can elevate your computer screen to eye level, reducing neck strain and improving posture. Finally, investing in basic but durable items like a power strip surge protector or cable management sleeve can make your workspace safer and tidier. 

While avoiding unnecessary clutter. With these accessories in place, you’ll be well on your way towards creating an efficient and functional home office without breaking the bank!

BOSTITCH STAPLES B8 – (STCRP2115 1/4″) – 5,000/BOX

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$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

For use with the Bostitch B8 plier style Stapler, these Power Crown STCRP2115-1/4 chisel point 1/4″ staples have great penetration power. 5,000 staples per box.


  • For use with Bostitch B8 Plier
  • Constructed from superior quality high carbon steel wire
  • Finely honed chisel points
  • BRAND: Bostitch
  • UNITS: 5,000/Box
  • MATERIAL: Metal
  • SIZE / DIMENSION: 1/4″

If you are using the Epson TMU200 printer, you can use the Wet-Strength Tag rolls to create your tags. In order to ensure your ink will not come out of the tags, it’s important to use the indelible ink ribbons we carry for this printer. 

There are a few dry cleaning software systems that are popular in the industry today, you may want to contact them to make sure their software is compatible with the hardware you already have in house. 

You can use staplers, Dennison fasteners or safety pins to secure the tags to the garments.


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$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

Evercare professional extra sticky lint roller refills are just what you need to clean up lint and more fast and easy. These are 50% stickier compared to Evercare Classic or standard lint remover, and are made with dry cleaner grade tape. 

Picks up lint, dirt, dandruff and pet hair. 60 sheets per roll. 12 rolls per box.

  • Brand: Evercare
  • Units: 12/Box
  • Material: Adhesive Tape
  • Size / Dimension: 29.8′ L X 4″ W; 60 Sheets P/Roll
  • Smooth Roller
  • 60 Sheets Per Roll
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Takes Up Minimal Space

Swingline Stapler, Optima 25, Full Size Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity,

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$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

  • PREMIUM STAPLER – This grey-and-blue stapler’s durable plastic housing protects the internal metal stapling mechanism for long-lasting, reliable stapling you can count on.
  • DESIGNED FOR DESKTOP – Ideal for use on a desk or any flat surface. This stapler holds a full strip of 210 staples. A helpful low-staple indicator lets you know when it’s time for a refill.
  • SECURES 25 SHEETS – Optima fastens up to 25 sheets of paper, and works best with Swingline Optima or S.F. 3 staples, with standard 1/4” length legs.
  • REDUCED EFFORT – Requires less force to operate than traditional staplers, allowing you to staple more sheets with less effort. Soft, ergonomic grip ensures comfort while stapling.
  • QUIETER STAPLING – Quiet, sturdy stapler serves your business without noisy interruptions.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Swingline stands behind this high quality stapler with a limited lifetime warranty.

A little effort goes a long way with an Optima 25 stapler. Easy, efficient stapler allows you to fasten papers with less power, piercing up to 25 sheets with one press. It’s the perfect choice for large projects and big stapling jobs.

Spring-loaded Optima stapler allows for swift, simple reloading – simply pull up on the spring-loaded lid and insert a new strip of staples. Strong, Optima and S.F. 3 staples, with traditional ¼” length legs, have sharp chisel points to quickly cut through paper for reliable punctures with each press.


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$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

This standard double prong Clamp Style Staple Remover safely removes most staples. With durable metal prongs and comfortable plastic finger/thumb grip. It is spring-loaded to remain in the open position until ready for use. Not recommended for use with SP19-1/4 (Bostitch P3) staples.

  • BRAND: Ace
  • UNITS: Each
  • MATERIAL: Various
  • Double prong clamp style
  • Comfortable plastic finger/thumb grip
  • Spring loaded to remain in the open position
  • Removes most staples

Amazon Basics Stapler with 1000 Staples, Office Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Non-Slip, Black

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$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

  • Desktop office stapler that holds up to 210 staples.
  • 1250 staples included in the package; the staples have a standard 1/4 inch leg length
  • Can be opened 180° for tracking info to a bulletin board; rotatable anvil provides two stapling models: Temporary Stapling and Permanent Stapling
  • Full rubber base keeps stapler securely in place during use; no skidding or slipping
  • Great for schools, offices, and home for everyday stapling

Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls with Dispenser, Numerous Applications, Invisible, Engineered for Repairing, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, Boxed

Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls with Dispenser, Numerous Applications, Invisible, Engineered for Repairing, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, Boxed
$1 Per Box

100 Box Limit Minimum.

  • Package includes a classic black desktop dispenser
  • Preferred tape for offices, homes and schools, ideal for permanent paper mending
  • Invisible when applied and won’t show on copies
  • Write on it with pen, pencil or marker
  • Pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily, very reliable
  • Photo safe
  • 6 rolls, 3/4 in. x 1000 in., 1 in. core, 1 dispenser
  • 100s of uses like labelling containers, fixing torn money, and attaching receipts for scanning

Scotch Magic Tape 810K6C38 Value Pack contains 6 rolls of tape and includes a Scotch C 38 classic black desktop office tape dispenser with weighted base. Scotch Magic Tape is the preferred tape for offices, homes and schools. It’s invisible when applied and won’t show on copies. 

This is an ideal tape for permanent paper mending. It can be written on with a pen, pencil or marker, it pulls off the roll smoothly. Scotch Magic Tape cuts easily and is very reliable. Each roll of tape is 3/4 in. x 1000 in. with a 1 in. core. 

The tape is photo safe and made in the USA with globally sourced materials.