How To Clean Mattress At Home? 5 Steps For Easy Cleaning

How to clean mattress at home? Here’s the complete guide that will lead you to a easy cleaning step by step.

Cleaning mattress is an important part of maintaining a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep. Unfortunately, mattresses tend to accumulate sweat, dust, body oils, and other particles over time. 

So, it can lead to bad odors and even skin irritation.

how to clean mattress

To avoid this, it is important to clean mattress regularly at home. If you’re a person who love to maintain his/her home essentials and take care them regularly. Learn how to clean your microwave at home with 4 easy steps.

How To Clean Mattress? Step By Step

1: Vacuum

Start cleaning mattress by using your vacuum cleaner to remove all of the surface dirt, dust, and debris from the mattress. It is best to use the longest hose attachment to reach the sides, corners, and tufted areas. 

Additionally, use an upholstery tool to ensure the more stubborn particles are vacuumed.

2: Treat Stains

If you notice any spots or stains while cleaning mattress, it’s best to treat these first, before you start any in-depth cleaning. Start by pre-treating the stain using a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent. 

You can then use a brush to help work the solution into the fabric. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before you move on.

3: Deodorize

Using baking soda is a great natural deodorizer. Sprinkle a generous layer of baking soda over the mattress and let it sit overnight before vacuuming it off in the morning. 

Many people also find that fragrances like lavender or tea tree oil make the mattress smell nice and fresh after cleaning. 

However, it is important to note that too much oil may have an opposite effect and cause the mattress to smell stronger. 

4: Disinfect

To disinfect the mattress, prepare a solution by combining 4 tablespoons of bleach with a quart of cool water. Use a soft cloth or brush to apply the mixture on the mattress. Allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes. 

Then, rinse away the solution with cold water. For maximum protection, you can also steam the mattress to kill off any lingering germs. 

5: Air Dry

Finally, your mattress needs to dry fully before using it. Ideally, you should try to air-dry it for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated space. 

If the weather allows, you can move the mattress outside and let the sun shine on it.

So, cleaning mattress is not a tough job for you anymore. By following these steps and regularly cleaning your mattress, you can rest assured that you are sleeping on a healthy, clean and refreshed mattress.