Can Daily Use Of Hair Dryer Cause Hair Damage? 2023

Daily use of hair dryer can cause hair damage? This wondering question have been asked frequently by users. So, we’ve reached to a hair care professional for a authentic answer of this question.

So, we can explain this most often asking question according to the expert advice of a professional.

Can Daily Use Of Hair Dryer Cause Hair Damage?

We all have only one skin and we are blessed with one amount of hair. So, obviously it has to last us a lifetime. For that, we have to take very good care of it.

So, especially abusing the hair by frequently using hairdryer can cause physical damage to the hair shaft

That means, this frequent use of blow drying increased dryness to the head and hair shaft breakage. So, basically daily use of hair dryer can cause harm to your natural hair.

Professional Advice To Prevent Hair Damage Due to Hair Dryer

If somebody wants to use a hair dryer as infrequently as possible or maybe once a week. Just keep it at the lowest setting (Power & Heat) that is suitable to give you improvement in your hair’s length or structure.

Try to avoid high heat procedures like straightening or blow-drying on a daily basis. 

One more important thing you should always keep in mind while using it. Always keep a decent distance between hairdryer and the hair shaft, don’t keep it too close to your head.

Specially, if you are going to do it on a regular basis. Or be prepared for some wear and tear of the hair structure itself. 

However, you can prevent it by using heat-protective serum. It can be applied into the hair before you start doing the procedure itself. Do not ever apply it on wet hair.

Treatments For Hair Breakage

If you are a person who has a daily use of hair dryer, try to invest in some deep conditioning treatments to prevent hair breakage because of hair drying. 

Another thing is also consume more omega-3 fatty acid biotin and zinc based mineral supplements.

They’re going to help strengthen your hair and try to reduce the physical damage as much as possible.

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The frequent use of hairdryer can cause hair damage. But for somebody who wants to use it on a frequent basis, there are some pro tips about using it and some treatments to prevent the hair breakage. Always keep hairdryer on a decent distance from your head and consume more mineral supplement for better hair and natural shine. Taking these steps can help ensure that your hair will last a lifetime.